Derin è un virtuoso Singer-songwriter acustico con un incredibile stile chitarristico, capace di creare contemporaneamente suoni di batteria, linee di basso e bellissime melodie. Partito dall’ Australia per l’Inghilterra molti anni ha suonato in tutta europa collaborando con grandi nomi come,  Van Morrison, John Butler  e Deep Purple .

Nei suoi ultimi spettacoli si presenta piu in veste di songwriter sempre però alternando songs e ballades  alla sua incredibile chitarra acustica.

“Durante l’ultimo decennio , Derrin Nauendorf ha cementato la sua reputazione come uno dei cantanti, chitarristi e compositori di primo ordine . Ad oggi, uno degli artisti acustici più richiesti  al mondo.

Derrin ha raggiunto suoni incredibili , voce soul e testi incisivi che  hanno conquistato migliaia di fan e complimenti . Inoltre Derrin ha partecipato a programmi radiofonici Bob Harris e Paul Jones BBC Radio 2 in Tros Musik Cafe in Olanda e Triple J Radio in Australia .”


It all started several years ago with one telephone number, 1200 pounds a guitar and a plane ticket from his native Australia to the UK. On arrival Derrin bought an old post office van and installed a bed in the back converting it into a camper. After this he began playing anywhere and everywhere that would have him. The word spread quickly around the UK and within 9 months, he was playing nationally and also had begun to join the festival circuit.Since then he has also established himself on the European scene the past few years and quickly gained a fan base. His last European and UK tour was attended by 3500 people in 6 countries. This all done independently and is now as in much of his career without a label.

There are reasons for this growing fan base. To think of Derrin as just a troubadour or another journeyman, would not paint the correct picture. Derrin has also become an acclaimed artist and has won many profile fans. He has been live in session on national radio in the UK, Holland and Australia. He has also supported such named artists as Van Morrison, John Butler and Deep Purple. His last two releases were received with 4 star reviews or better in publications such as the Sunday Express, Rock and Reel magazine, Acoustic magazine and Maverick to name a few. Maverick even awarded Derrin's current live album a 5 star review. Also as well as this, he is an acclaimed guitar player as well as a singer songwriter. As a testament to this, Derrin is endorsed by Yamaha guitars but to think of Derrin as just an accomplished guitar player does not explain his music either. Derrin is a songwriter of the highest order. Derrin has had the rare honour of having the lyrics to his song " Shipwrecked" included in an English literature text book printed by Cambridge University Press.

The past couple of years have seen Derrin busier than ever and has also see a large increase in his fan base and also the territories and countries he now regularly returns to.

Later this year Derrin releasing his first new studio album in 4 years. Why so long? Derrin himself says " It has not been laziness. Quite the opposite. I have been touring so much to a huge amount of new places. All of my albums and material were new to most of these new places I travelled to. I also had a live set that I thought could work to give these new people a pretty clear idea of my music and what I had been doing up till that point. I am ready to record and as an artist I really feel like I have something to say. I am hugely excited about it "

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