martedì 05 Febbraio

The Factory Smokers Street Revue

Style: Rock
From: UK
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The Factory Smokers Street Revue il nome nasce da una scatola
di sigari. Il cantante / chitarrista del gruppo, Mårten Tiljander, costruì sia una chitarra che una band da una scatola di sigari lunga 17 pollici riunendo vecchi amici della scena del punk Per Lefvert, al basso /contrabbasso e Robert Sundberg alla batteria. L’influenza musicale della band deriva dal blues, dal delta del Mississippi, ai vicoli più sporchi di Chicago. C’è comunque un ingrediente altrettanto importante per il suono della band, che viene dalla scena punk americana e inglese. La band ha debuttato con l’EP digitale ‘Smokers style’ e seguito con ‘Greatest hits vol1 LP’ e ‘Mostly uphill EP on cassette’ (2018)
La band possiede la capacità di creare, tramite i loro strumenti, un tipo di stile hard rockin’punk-ass Rhythm ‘n’ Blues.

The Factory Smokers Street Revue was born from a cigar box with that same name. The group’s singer/guitarist, Mårten Tiljander, built both a guitar and a band from a 17-inch long cigar box. The following building block was the bass player Per Lefvert, a brother in arms from the old days of punk who, these days, heads up the double bass. The third member in the making was Robert Sundberg on drums. The bands musical influence stems from areas within the Northern Mountains to the delta of Mississippi, onto the New Orleans, via Memphis and further onto Chicago’s filthiest back alleys. There is however an equally important ingredient to the bands sound, this comes from the early American and British punk scene. The band debuted with the digital EP ‘Smokers style’ and followed with ‘Greatest hits vol1 LP and Mostly uphill EP on cassette (2018)
The band has a reputation to deliver high-octane performances, and that they do it regardless of the size of the audience in the venue.