sabato 13 Aprile


Style: Rockabilly
From: Italy
Concert time: 22:30
Artist website:

Divertisi ballare e passare uan bellissima serata ,

THE BEAT BARONS ” Merseybeat ” la musica che esplose a Liverpool nei primi anni ‘60 quando assistere ad un concerto dal vivo significava ballare fino all’esaurimento!
Uno spettacolo Beat con contaminazioni rock & roll, rockabilly, rhythm & blues e un pizzico di country & western. Insomma, musica americana ma con sonorità decisamente britanniche

The brand of beat music made popular by these artists was notable for its strong melodic content, the use of “call-and-response”-style vocal harmonies, and the influence of other musical genres, including rock ‘n’ roll, rockabilly, R&B, and a drop of country & western. In other words, American music but with a decidedly British flavour, from the good old days when going to a gig meant dancing yourself to exhaustion!

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